2nd CHANCE Debt Counsellors

a second chance to financial freedom

Getting RELIEF through Debt Review.

  • Protection against Legal Action and Repossessions.    

How to get a second chance with your debt:

Which Option is best for you?

1. DECIDE if Debt Review is the best option for you.

Call us on 0861 0022 50 or send us your number and we'll CALL BACK.

2. If you have any questions, send us your number and we'll gladly CALL BACK with the answers. You can also ask to speak to a Debt Counsellor directly, for expert advice, peace of mind and personal attention.

Skip Steps 1 and 2 if you are ready to apply or merely want a free assessment of your financial situation.

3.  Tell us a) who you are, b) what you owe and c) what you can afford, in our short online form or download the Application Form.

Consultations can be done telephonically, via email or face-to-face at an office if you are in the Northern Cape.

4. We'll inform you of whether your amount is acceptable to your creditors and if you are happy that you understand everything, we'll send you the proposed plan and a guide on what your creditors, 2nd Chance, the PDA (DC Partner) will do for you, in the process.


5.Once you sign the documents, we'll inform your creditors of your application within 24 hours.

You will enjoy immediate Legal Protection (in terms of the National Credit Act) and immediate debt relief (no further direct payments to your creditors and your reduced payment becomes effective from your next pay day).

6. Your creditors will send us details of your accounts and they should no longer contact you for payment.

We make an offer (to creditors) on each of your accounts and payments are made from your monthly contribution, in accordance with the offer and acceptances.

7. We'll issue a Clearance Certificate, once your debt is settled.

  • You will get a copy as proof that you are debt-free.
  • All Credit Bureaus will get a copy - they must CLEAR your credit record within 10 days.
  • Your creditors will receive a copy - to ensure that your accounts are cleared with them.